Access to a family doctor

Access to a family doctor
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Since January 2009, a means for identification of individuals without a family doctor was established by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, and made available at CISSS des Îles. This procedure helps to identify the persons without a family doctor, to assess their health needs, and to determine the persons requiring immediate intervention, so they may be directed accordingly to the available medical services in our region. This procedure does not mean that you will have immediate access to a family doctor. However, if your health needs require urgent attention, you will be treated promptly.

To facilitate the identification process, we created a simple registration form to complete. (See below). Once completed, bring this form to the reception at the hospital. After it is processed, a nurse will contact you to collect information, identify your needs and determine the order of priority.

Individuals having a health problem which concerns them should go to the emergency. If you do not have a family doctor, you can go to the emergency to have a prescription renewed.

Your cooperation is essential in helping us serve you better. All staff and doctors of the CISSS des Îles work together for your well-being. Your understanding and patience allows everyone to fulfil their duties and to better respond to your needs.


While waiting for a family doctor, you should…

1. Complete the form « Identification of persons without a family doctor » and bring it to the reception of the hospital.

2. If you want to change doctors, complete the form « Identification of persons without a family doctor », indicate the reason for the request and bring it to the reception of the hospital.

3. If you have received care in a private clinic or another hospital and this care was not required by the CSSS des Îles, contact the medical archives of the CSSS des Îles in order to make a request to receive a copy of the file concerning care received in the other health centers or private clinics visited.


You should bring…

1. Your valid health insurance card of Québec. If this card is expired, contact Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) at the toll free number: 1 800 561-9749. If you do not have this card, it is possible that your appointment will be postponed.

2. Your valid green card of the CSSS des Îles with your address and telephone number. If needed, consult the reception of the emergency for an update.

3. A complete list of your medication that you should get at your pharmacy.

4. If you are already diagnosed for an illness such as diabetes, arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) or other, make a record of your tests (blood glucose or blood pressure measurement) the week prior to your appointment and bring them to your doctor.

5. Your family history and personal health, if possible.

6. A list of your questions or concerns to be discussed with the doctor during your appointment.


1. Modify your lifestyle by eating healthily, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.

2. If you smoke… stop… You can consult the nurse in “services courants” at the hospital to help you start an approach to quit smoking. You can also consult the website:

3. If, in your family, there are cases of diabetes or hypertension, begin to reduce your consumption of sugar and salt.

4. If you are worried about a health problem, you can contact Info-Santé by calling 811. Nurses are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will help you and direct you to the emergency, if necessary.

5. After consulting Info-Santé and putting into practice the advice received, if your health condition gets worse, a consultation at the emergency may be necessary. The waiting time can vary from several minutes to several hours, depending on the level of priority.

Important phone numbers
Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec: 1 800 561-9749
CSSS des Îles: 418 986-2121
CLSC de Cap-aux-Meules: 418 986-2572
CLSC de Bassin: 418 937-2572
CLSC de l’Est: 418 985-2572
Pharmacie Geneviève Lévesque (Jean Coutu): 418 986-2700
Pharmacie Yves Poirier (Proxim): 418 986-3133
Info-Santé: 811

Please note that if you already registered at the Guichet d’accès, a doctor will be attribute to you according to the priority of your health condition and the date of your registration. It is not necessary to call the Guichet d’accès nurse as she will contact you when a doctor will be attribute to you.