COVID-19 screening

COVID-19 screening
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COVID-19 screening

04 Jan 2022 Par Il n'y a pas d'étiquette.

Following the latest ministerial directives, the CISSS des Îles is announcing that PCR screening tests will no longer be offered to the general population, starting today. These tests will now be reserved for certain priority clienteles, namely:

Health and social services workers

Health and social services workers and subcontractors providing care and services to clients or residents of the following facilities may be tested at a screening clinic:

  • Health and social services establishments
  • Intermediate and family-type resources (IRs-FTRs) and continuous assistance residences (CARs)
  • Private seniors’ homes
  • Residential centres, or residential and long-term care centres 
  • Home-based social economy enterprises
  • Service employment paycheque arrangement
  • Respite home
  • Birthing centres
  • Palliative care hospices
  • Residential settings (including religious communities)
  • Community accommodation resources
  • Detention centres
  • Pharmacies
  • Ambulance service organizations
  • Any other facility or organization defined under provincial guidelines

Other priority people

You also can be tested at a screening clinic if you are:

  • A client who receives or will receives healthcare and social services in a healthcare or residential facility listed above
  • A personn who is homeless or in residential distress
  • A personn from First Nations, Inuit or Métis communities
  • A personn living in or commuting to remote areas to work
  • A personn who is granted a temporary exception to travel for essential medical services or treatment by Transport Canada
  • A police officer or a first responder firefighter, if symptomatic
  • An ambulance technician, if symptomatic
  • A member of the National Assembly security staff, if symptomatic
  • A school staff member, if symptomatic
  • A daycare staff member, if symptomatic
  • A symptomatic person for whom monoclonal antibody treatment is considered
  • An informal caregiver
  • A symptomatic person aged 70 or over

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