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For the well-being of our patients, and to enable our staff to provide the care and services they need efficiently, our visiting hours are from 2:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., every day.

Two people at a time may visit a patient (excluding family caregivers) during regular visiting hours, according to information available on site or on the CISSS des Îles website. However, in the event of an outbreak (COVID-19 or other pathogen) on a unit, restrictions may be put in place to prevent the spread to users, staff and the general public.

Caregivers are not subject to the same restrictions, as their presence is welcome and encouraged throughout the patient’s stay, unless the epidemiological situation changes and new measures are put in place.

In all cases, visitors must :

Wash their hands on entering and leaving the facility, and on entering and leaving the room.
Wear a procedure mask at all times (face coverings prohibited).
Maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.
The CISSS des Îles team is asking for the public’s help in protecting our users, and we ask all those who have to come to the hospital for a medical appointment or follow-up, or for an emergency, to leave the facility immediately after their appointment and to minimize their movements.

For more information : Visiting hours