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Our missions
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Our missions

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Our missions

CISSS des Îles has one greater mission and four specialized care missions: CLSC, CHSGS, CHSLD and CRDITED.

CISSS des Îles’s greater mission is:

For the health and wellness of Magdalen Island residents, prevent, care, cure and support, through health care interventions and through the provision of a complete range of  quality, accessible, safe, complementary and continuous socio-sanitary and community services, in cooperation with other area establishments, as well as in collaboration with specialized and ultra-specialized regional and national service providers.

The mission of the Centre local de services communautaires (CLSC) (Local Community Service Centre)

The mission of a local community service centre is to offer, at the primary level of care, basic health and social services, and to offer health and social services of a preventive or curative nature and rehabilitation or reintegration services to the population of the territory it serves.

The mission of such a centre is also to carry out public health activities in its territory, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Act.

The mission of the Centre hospitalier de soins généraux et spécialisés (CHSGS) (General and Specialized Care Hospital Centre)

The mission of a hospital centre is to offer diagnostic services and general and specialized medical care. To that end, an institution which operates a hospital centre shall admit, mainly on referral, the persons who require such services or care, ensure that their needs are assessed and that the required services, including nursing care and specialized, preventive or rehabilitative psychosocial services, are offered within the facilities or, where necessary, that the persons are referred as soon as possible to the centres, organizations or persons best suited to assist them.

The mission of the Centre d’Hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD) (Residential and Long-Term Care Centre)

The mission of a residential and long-term care centre is to offer, on a temporary or permanent basis, an alternative environment, lodging, assistance, support and supervision services as well as rehabilitation, psychosocial and nursing care and pharmaceutical and medical services to adults who, by reason of loss of functional or psychosocial autonomy, can no longer live in their natural environment, despite the support of their families and friends.

The mission of the Centre de Réadaptation pour les personnes présentant une Déficience intellectuelle ou Trouble du spectre de l’autisme (CRDITSA) (Rehabilitation Centre for people who have an intellectual disability or a pervasive development disorder)

The mission of a rehabilitation centre is to offer adjustment, rehabilitation and social integration services to persons who, by reason of physical or mental impairment, behavioral disorders or psychosocial or family difficulties, or because of an alcohol, gambling or drug addiction or any other addiction, require such services, as well as persons to accompany them, or support services for their families and friends.

CISSS des Îles
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La mission du CSSS des Îles : Prévenir, guérir, soigner et soutenir pour le mieux-être et la santé de la population des Îles de la Madeleine, en offrant, en collaboration avec nos partenaires, des services de santé et des services sociaux et de réadaptation de qualité, sécuritaires, accessibles, intégrés et en continuité.

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