Appointments : get ready!

Appointments : get ready!
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Appointments : get ready!

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CISSS des Îles is now equipped with a telephone appointment system and automated reminder system. Users are automatically called back a few days before their scheduled appointment dates, thus helping us ensure a maximum attendance at the scheduled medical appointments.  When reminder notices are issued through the automated system, users who cannot attend their appointment have the opportunity to signal this by using their phone keypad.

Appointments with specialists

Upon leaving your physician’s office and when your physician has requested a consultation or follow-up visit, you must stop at the reception station to have your documents or requests registered. The administration officer on site will help forward the request to the appropriate sector.  Next, another administration officer will contact you to set up an appointment while taking into account the priority ranking of your consultation.


When you are unable to attend your appointment, please take the time to inform us so your appointment may be assigned to another person. It is a simple question of being respectful of others! 


Useful numbers:

  • Appointment office: 418-986-6225
  • Specialists’ secretarial services: 418-986-6110



  1. Have ready a list of questions, starting with those that are most important to you;
  2. Bring all your medications including creams, ointments, inhalers, eye drops and any natural or organic health products you may use;
  3. Have with you your blood glucose log book, if you have diabètes;
  4. Have with you your hospital card and health insurance card;
  5. Have with you the blood pressure readings obtained at home, at the pharmacy or elsewhere;
  6. Have with you a summary of your medical history from your previous clinic if you are seeing the doctor for the first time;
  7. You will also require a letter from your doctor explaining the reason for seeing the specialist. Make sure the specialist sends a written, post-consultation letter to your doctor.



When attending your appointment with your doctor, you must register with the receptionist upon your arrival and then make your way to the assigned area. A nurse or doctor will then call you.

For confidentiality purposes, please refrain from walking or waiting in office corridors.

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